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LibHdate is a small library for the Hebrew calendar and times of day, written in C, and including bindings for C++, pascal, perl, php, python, and ruby. It includes two illustrative command-line programs, hcal and hdate, and some snippets and scripts written in the binding languages. Libhdate-Glib is a gobject wrapper for libhdate.

How do I get the latest and greatest version?

The latest and greatest stable release of libhdate is version 1.6.01, released January 02, 2013. If your distribution maintains a packaged version of libhdate, it's always recommended to download and install the package using your distribution's package manager from your distribution's repository. If your distribution is compatible with Debian, you should be able to use the Debian package (currently only version 1.6), available here (thanks, Lior Kaplan).

Version 1.6.01, is available for all as a source tarball here. Download the file, unpack it, and follow the instructions in the INSTALL readme file.

The most recent, bleeding-edge, development build is also available, with all it's snazzy new features (and possible bugs and hiccups), via subversion checkout. From the command line, run:

# select a place to put the download
mkdir foobar && cd foobar
# download the material using subversion
svn co .
# navigate to the actual root directory
cd libhdate
# preconfigure, using gnu autoconf
autoreconf -fi
# configure
./configure --prefix=/usr
# build, for local use 
# install system-wide
make install

More information on the wiki

Besides explaining how to simply and quickly show hdate info on a desktop GUI, it just has the man pages, a preview of the current state of the upcoming version 1.8, and a few awk scripts. Find it here

What happened to the old version of this site?!

It hasn't disappeared. And until this new version is populated we're all glad it's still here


Thanks to Yaacov Zamir for writing the original library, based upon source code from Amos Shapir's hdate package as fixed and patched by Nadav Har'El. Current maintenance and development is by Boruch Baum.

  • Amos Shapir: Code for date conversion.
  • Zvi Har'El: Tables for the Torah reading sequence.
  • Petr Tomasek: Use of julian.
  • Michael Kaminsky: Diaspora holidays fixes.
  • Moshe Wagner: Diaspora readings fixes.




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