hcal screenshots

Here are a few screenshots illustrating some new features in hcal.

1. Sunset awareness

You either give hcal your location or hcal guesses, based upon your computer's timezone setting and its limited knowledge of major Jewish communities in several timezones. In this screenshot, It is Tuesday, but already יום רביעי.

2. The works

This screenshot shows a colorized display, showing each week's Shabbat times and parsha, with holidays footnoted. The current Shabbat is highlighted, as well as today's day of Chanuka. The option -b [--bidi] displays Hebrew even though the locale is not a Hebrew one, and it includes bidi support because the terminal emulator being used does not support bidi. All alerts and warnings have been suppressed (option -q [--quiet-alerts])

3. Custom menus

You can create custom menus in the new config file, and then have hcal prompt you for your choice, using the -m (--menu) option. The format is simply in the form of a command line to hcal.

4. Three-month wide display

You can display three months at a time (ie. previous, current and next month), but it will only display nicely if your terminal window is at least 127 columns wide. You'll notice that this screenshot was made December 31st, after sunset, so the highlighted dates are December 31, 2011, but 6 Tevet 5772, which is already January 1st, 2012.

If you specify three-month display for a year, instead of for a particular month, you get, um, a year: