hdate screenshots

1. the works

This screenshot features ( option -t [--times]) a display of the day's useful times, and (option -b [--bidi]) Hebrew displayed even though the locale is not a Hebrew one, and bidi support because the terminal emulator being used does not support bidi. All alerts and warnings have been suppressed (option -q [--quiet-alerts]). Option --leseder is one of a number of ways to customize the Hebrew output of the Hebrew date.

2. Useful warnings and alerts

Heres' an example of what to expect in terms of warnings and alerts; they're sent to stderr, not stdout, so they won't interfere with piping or exporting.

3. Tabular output for piping and export

Anything hdate can output can be output in tabular form, one line per day, with fields delimited by commas, and a single header line defining each field. Here are six examples, in two screenshots: